Monday, September 1, 2014

Second Trimester & A New Year

This picture is about two weeks old, but it's my super exciting, I love 13 weeks, thank God I made it through the first 12, it's officially second trimester picture.
I'm like clockwork...with all three pregnancies, at 13 weeks plus a couple of days, I wake up one morning feeling 100% better. Life goes back to normal (meaning I start being social again, my family gets real homemade meals instead of gross frozen food and greasy take out, and I once again play with the girls, clean my house, and stay somewhat caught up on things like laundry, etc.)
Second trimester also came with the start of our 'new year', as I call it every fall when Brad goes back to school and summer vacation comes to an end. I don't bother too much with New Years resolutions...for me, that comes at the end of August. It's a fresh start. The chaos (good chaos, like a total lack of schedule, ice cream runs way too often, and zero meal planning, or planning of any sort for that matter) ends and structure comes back, which I like. Fall activities start back up, and it's a good time for me to set goals, re-evaluate priorities, and get back on track in the areas I've let slide during the laid-back summer.
Here are my three highlights, things I'm truly excited about that we're starting up/working on....
1. I'm starting a little structured time with Addison each day. We're calling it pre-school, just for fun. I got her a pre-k workbook that is a bit advanced, but we're skipping around to pages that she can do, and next year, we'll hit the ones we skipped. She loves it and asks every day if we're having pre-school that day:) On the off days, I bought tons of art supplies, and want to get both Addison and Lily doing more than just crayons, stickers and glitter glue (our main art supplies up until now). Art was an important part of my life growing up, and as I try to get back into it myself, I hope to instill the same love for it in my own kids. Someday I want a whole room that can be devoted to just that...walls and all! For now, the kitchen table covered in newspaper will have to do.
2. My new morning devotion routine. Let's be honest, summer is not my best time as far as consistency or quality time with God goes. But now that I'm back on a schedule where I automatically wake up around six, that gives me the time in the morning I so desperately crave, where it's still dark, the house is still, and it's totally quiet...the perfect atmosphere to dig deep and spend time with God. I've never been great at just opening the Bible and studying it with out some sort of devotional to go along with it, but I found a cool method that's really working well and I like it so much, I literally can't wait to get out of bed each morning. I'll share in more detail in a later post:)
3. Simplifying, simplifying, simplifying. That has been a non-stop project for the past two weeks. Closets cleaned out, kitchen stuff purged, basement overhauled, junk drawers organized, and loads and loads of clothes, toys, and household items taken to thrift stores and friends. Every load I take makes me somehow feel lighter inside. I find that the more stuff I have, the more distracted I am from what's important, from what really matters. As I pair down to essentials and things that I really love or that mean something (vs. holding on to things that I kinda like or might use someday), there's less to think about and deal with, leaving more room for what matters. It's both mental and tangible. Plus, I'm a bit freaked out about having a third baby in our super cute, but oh-so-tiny house. It seems to get smaller with every little addition:) But I have ideas for making it work comfortably (thank you pinterest!), and step one is simplifying. I could actually go on and on about all the benefits and possibilities that go along with this, and I will! But I'm saving that for another day...possibly a series later this month, if I can get my silly computer working.
 Hope you have Happy Labor Day!
Adios, Summer...
 Welcome, Fall:)

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