Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Past Month

I can't believe it's been almost a month (more than a month?) since I last posted!
Time is going so fast! Generally I either blog during the girls nap, or after they go to bed,
but lately, my energy is either waaaay up or non-existant. I pretty much give it all I have while
they're awake, nap while they nap, get another burst of energy until they go to bed, then collapse on the couch, with zero motivation for evening productivity. I know it will pass, but I really hate
not being productive with my 'off-parenting' hours. Oh well. My body clearly needs rest,
so I'm trying to listen to it and make it happy:)
The highlight of the past month was our 20 week ultrasound. I had planned on not finding out the sex,
but Brad really wanted to find out, so in the end, we did. And we were so excited to announce
that we are having yet another girl! I'm thrilled, but it's funny, because I always imagined
having a big family of boys (as if I have any control!), and things have turned out so different from
my childhood imagination. We love our girls, and the girls are so happy to be getting another
sister. Actually, I don't think Lily cares or knows for sure what's transpiring (that there really is a baby growing in my belly, and that she will really have a baby sister in a short few months), but
Addison is excited for sure, and has requested to name her new sis "Baba". :)
This is my 20 week shot. A few weeks outdated (I'm 23 weeks today), but oh well. I'm not taking monthly pics like I had intended. I'm growing out so much faster this pregnancy than the previous two. I feel like my belly is huge already, though this pic doesn't really show it. Maybe I've just
expanded exponentially the past few weeks? Or maybe it's all in my head...
We've had an absolutely amazing fall this year! Typical for MT is wearing a sundress one day, bundling up for snow the next. That's classic fall/spring weather. What is not typical in MT is getting to enjoy a full two months of fall, which is just what we have had this year. Case in point:
the top picture of them in their stroller is one Saturday morning headed to Farmer's Market. The picture just below is the following Saturday...

These pictures are my favorite:)
Just looking at these makes me so happy that we are having another girl to add to these two.
Girls are so much fun, I wouldn't have it any other way!

 As I write this from Brad's computer at school, I think our unusually warm fall has officially come to an end, and the brisk, cool (normal) fall has begun. We walked here from our house and my poor ears are still warming up. This week is soup, hot chocolate, leaf raking, pumpkin carving, and butterfly costumes everyday (because they are BEGGING me to let them wear their costumes, and I don't think I can put it off for another whole five days!)
Have a lovely week!!

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