Monday, November 24, 2014

My 'Baby' is 2

My sweet 'baby' Lily turned two last week! I CANNOT believe how fast these two years have gone. I still see her as my little snugly laid back easy going newborn...when in reality she is keeping up pretty well with big sis (and big sis's friends!), and has long since grown out of her laid back, easy going, snugly self. She is a spunky, silly, brave (brave, as in she scares me to near death multiple times each day with her climbing, teetering, jumping, etc...), wild thing. But mixed in with the wild side, is the most thoughtful, loving and compassionate little soul. She does the sweetest things out of the blue, leaving Brad and I jaw-dropped often times. She still has room for cuddles, though they are less frequent and we soak them up at every opportunity. She's too smart for her own good, and you can see the wheels turning all the time...whether for plotting something mischievous, or something sweet. She's quite possibly got us wrapped around her pudgy little fingers, but we are well aware of that predicament, so I guess that's better than if we didn't know??;)
I couldn't love you more:)


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