Saturday, April 25, 2015

Life With 3, Currently

"Go with the flow, yo"
I taught my girls to say that recently.
Not sure why I added "yo" at the end like I'm from the 'hood, but it makes it fun to say. Just kinda rolls off the tongue. But that's besides the point, which is that the girls (like most young kids I''m assuming) tend to get a little frantic when things aren't going exactly the way they were anticipating. And my (annoyed) reply is often, "Just go with the flow (yo!)"
And I am learning to take my own advice.
With three kids, I feel like everything is falling apart. My life is upside down. Nothing is as I thought it would be, which basically means I'm not as awesome as I apparently thought.
The transition from one child to two was easy. Super easy. But two to three? It's been more of a challenge in many ways. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but my world is...less clean. And I like things clean. Really, really clean. And organized. And tidy. And I thought I could totally handle three kids and a clean house and awesome food and homemade snacks and a rockin' social life. Yeah...
Thankfully, most of the things I'm finding to be challenging are things that I can let go of, though this isn't easy for someone anal like me.
I'm learning to let things go that in my former life (as in life before three kids) I would have never dreamed of slacking on. Now, it's not optional. There's only so much time in a day, and only so much energy to be expended.
So, here are some uncomfortably honest confessions for your reading pleasure:
There's enough food under the kitchen table at the end of the day for an entire meal.
And I usually only sweep under there every couple of days. Sometimes four days go by and, well, let's not even go there...
I clean the windows on rare occasion, but it's pointless since Lily likes to lick her finger and 'spit draw' on the window. I thought only people with big slobbery dogs had nasty windows. Turns out toddlers are just as slobbery (and just as nasty....kidding!) 
Two weeks ago, I was reeeeally low on groceries and still afraid of braving the grocery store with all three of them. By the end of the week, lunch consisted of half a banana, craisins, and potato chips. The chips were organic, so I felt pretty good about it. J/k. I decided grocery shopping has to get done on the weekend with husband back up. It's working out better this way and we haven't had to eat craisins and chips for lunch for two weeks now! Hallelujah.
Laundry gets backed up until someone runs out of underwear. Then I tackle the laundry. Sorry, but I will never, ever resort to turning dirty undies inside out before doing a load of laundry! But seriously, how does having a baby suddenly double the amount of laundry that needs to be done? It makes no sense at all.
Dishes are optional. Previously, I had to have the kitchen spotless and shining, ready for a new day to start fresh and clean, before I would even think of going to bed. Now, if one of us has extra energy after the big girls are in bed, dishes might get done. But most likely, a few things will get tossed in the dishwasher, and the rest saved for morning when my energy tank is filled back up from a semi-decent nights sleep.
Beds made: preferred but entirely optional.
Toys put away when not being used: definitely on my wish list, but rare...a constant work in progress.
Sheets washed weekly: absolutely not happening.
From scratch, Pinterest worthy dinners every night: I'm hopeful!
Ok there you have it. Life is in disarray. Some things I'm doing right include brushing mine and everyone else's teeth, showering daily, making green smoothies to trick little people into ingesting loads of veggies, and not wearing sweatpants everyday.
In all seriousness...we are not living in utter filth. We play a lot of catch up on Saturdays so things don't get out of control:) And of course I still have freak out moments where I go on a cleaning terror through the house. I have befriended Lysol wipes, and did you know that baby wipes clean almost anything? Now you do.
I'm learning that naps can be skipped in the name of fun, and fun can be skipped in the name of naps. It all depends on the day, the weather, the girls' mood, my mood. Dinner can be planned, yet we might eat out spur of the moment. Or, we can get ready and head to our favorite Mexican restaurant, only to find it's closed, and come home to throw a last minute dinner together. It might rain when we get to the park; the sun might come out when we get to the indoor pool. But it's okay. We go with the flow. Letting go of the non-essentials makes for a fun, spontaneous, sometimes adventurous life that I'm thinking just might be necessary for surviving these precious few years of raising little ones.
Plus, look at these sweet, happy faces. I'd way rather work hard keeping smiles on everyone than work hard cleaning and cooking and stressing all day everyday. Maybe I'll get it together soon and be able to do a little more gourmet cooking...and a little more sweeping under the table;)

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