Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life in Pictures

Snapshots of life lately...
My only child who doesn't like pacifiers, however, you can always find her with one of three things stuffed in her mouth: a blanket, her fist (yes, the whole thing), or my shoulder:)

Watching a thunderstorm come over the mountains...we made it back to our car just in time!

Those are olives, in case you were wondering...

Every single day, she says "I'm getting soooo big. I'm almost 4 you know!" She is riding a big girl bike after all, so much as I hate to admit it, I guess she really is getting to be a big girl...
Baby girl is a chunk, and daddy is...proud? I have no idea what to put as the caption for this picture really. I can't figure out what his face means here...

This is actually a picture from Yellowstone I took last summer, but I've been playing with a photo editor app on my phone and loved how this one turned out and wanted to share:)

Spring from my parents' vantage point. Love our visits there!

Cousins watching the Memorial Day Parade last Monday. We had a fun weekend, and a meaningful holiday. I always thought Memorial Day festivities (not the barbequing or camping type of festivities) were painfully boring, but as an adult, having seen 911 live on TV, having friends whose husbands are fighting overseas, and recognizing now that I have my own kids just how precious (and precarious) our freedom is, gave Memorial Day more meaning than I ever gave thought to before.
Lily: guardian of her candy:) Once she was satisfied with her stash, she found a spot and plopped down for the remainder of the parade, happy to watch from afar while eating skittles.

Spring flowers on a walk with Izzie. Love this time of year so much!

How in the world is this girl almost three months old? It doesn't seem possible!

Enjoying a quick walk along the river after Sunday brunch in Missoula.

Addison's pouty face, possibly because we told her no, we were not stopping at the carousel we were about to pass. Lily obviously doesn't care!
Life has slowed down for the past week and should be slow for another couple of weeks, hopefully filled with picnics and lots of walks and hikes. And naps maybe (for me!)...then it's gonna get crazy, as we have to move out of our house in exactly one month, and have no idea as to where we're going. So for now, I'm enjoying the beat of a slower pace, getting outside lots, and enjoying the house we've loved so much for another few weeks. Life is always more complex than pictures can show or words can tell, but I like to share pieces and hope our family/friends across the country feel more connected that way! xoxo

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