Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Addison!

Today you turn four, Addison.
 My baby girl, how have four years passed since I held you after that long labor in the hospital in Nashville, TN? I can't believe how smart you are, how bright and happy and energetic you are. I've watched you at the park and at social gatherings lately, and you are wildly fun and beautifully little extrovert. You are the life of the party, but you make sure everyone is having fun and is included (although sometimes your little sis gets left out, but we will work on that)! You and Lily are the best of friends, even though you sometimes fight like only sisters do. You are so good with Isabella and she laughs at you like she laughs at no one else!
Sometimes I struggle with your strong will...and it is so strong. It scares me sometimes, but then I was wisely reminded by Pastor Jim yesterday...some of the most strong willed people have gone on to do great and hard things. People say 'break her will, but not her spirit'...I'm not sure how to do that.
But I pray every day that the Lord will turn your strong will into something beautiful...that someday you will use it to seek justice for the abused and broken and hurting in the love mercy. And I pray most of all that you will love the Lord and walk humbly with him all your life. I pray that this will be a year that you understand more of Jesus and his love for you.
 I love you more than I can say, more than I ever thought possible.
Happy 4th Birthday Addison!!!



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