Thursday, July 2, 2015

These Days

I've been meaning to post at least some pictures for the longest time, but in the midst of packing and moving and living out of suitcases and house hunting, blogging has been the least of my worries.
We have had a busy busy month and if it weren't for the heat (high 90s and low 100s), it wouldn't even feel like summer. We haven't walked to Farmer's Market or gone hiking or done too many of the things that make it feel like a typical summer.
Monday, we finished moving out of our rental, and I said goodbye to our little home on Chaucer that I've loved the past three years. I know it's just a house, and that things don't matter all that much, but I was pretty sad when I drove away from that place for the last time. I brought two babies home to that house, raised one from a baby to a toddler to a little girl, learned to garden, had countless people over for coffee and playdates and dinner. That house is so chalk full of memories, and it will always be a special place to remember.
We were all set to buy a house, but on Tuesday when we had it inspected, we decided to look around a bit more for something that needed less work, and as of this morning, are waiting to hear back from an offer we made on a house I absolutely love....we will see! Until then, we are staying with a lovely couple from church, the associate pastor and his wife, and then moving to stay at the pastor's house the rest of the month while he and his wife are on vacation. Though stressful as heck, it's been a nice week here. We adore and look up to the people we are staying with, and are always hungry for tidbits of their wisdom. Plus, they live in a house that seems like a's just at the base of the mountains and you feel like you're up in the woods. There are deer (and their babies!) in the yard, gardens everywhere, and it smells like was my view as I got up at the crack of dawn with Izzie and came upstairs to read...
Well, that's a quick update. Brad says if we get this house, we have to stay for 10 years. I said compromise at 7 because I'm afraid of commitment, haha! I've always wanted to be two places at once (most of you reading know this about me), so the thought of actually buying a place is exciting, but scary as well, because it means the freedom of being able to up and move is gone. It means settling down in a spot, which is hard for me to be at complete peace with, but it's the right thing for us to do right now.
Here's a few pics from the last few weeks:)
Lily is always so effortlessly cool, it cracks me up!

I so enjoyed having this porch swing the past few years...maybe Brad will get me one at our next house. (hint hint;))

This girl's getting big so fast!!! (She's four months old today)

She's a chunk!

Granky rode his motorcycle all the way from TN to MT! Obviously loved by his great granddaughters...

Our first race as a family (my first race since having kids) much fun!
Izzie and I sit at the park together many days watching the big girls play:)

 Montana summer days

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