Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Izzie!

My sweet Isabella, how have you been in our lives for a whole YEAR already?
I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday...the weather (super windy), what I ate for dinner (mac and cheese), what I did all day (shopped everywhere in search of castor oil and champagne to make you come out, watched Disney movies with your sisters, trying to preoccupy my mind), hoping and praying you would come already so that they wouldn't have to induce me.
That's your mommy, hours before you were born:)

Welcome to the world, little one

Brad got me to the hospital just in time...once you decided to make your entrance into the world, there was no stopping you. You were ready and you wanted to be born NOW.
And that sure describes the little person you currently are too!
You are the most vocal, demanding little thing! I can always, always see wheels turning in that tiny little head of yours, scoping things out and making a plan of what's next. You are constantly on the go, always plotting the next thing to get into, tear apart, spill, dig in, climb on, put in your mouth. You were born tough, and it's a good thing, because your big sisters, as much as they love you to pieces, are so terribly hard on you! You put up with so much and it must be because you love them right back:) I think that's why you're so loud too...because your sister's are loud, and you have to be absolutely sure you're heard too.
You have just melted my heart in the short year I've had with you. I have so many pictures I took in your first months, hoping to savor your sweetness. You loved to nuzzle your whole face in the crook of my neck, until you found just the right spot, where you would fall fast asleep for hours at a time. You've been a mama's girl, wanting to be toted around on my hip at all times, and I wouldn't trade my aching back for anything! I'll hold you as much as you want, because I'm sure someday you won't want me to hold you anymore.

You weren't our best sleeper, which meant that after months of exhaustion, daddy and I let you have your way, and you were our kid who got to sleep in bed with us. Those were some sleepless nights, but I always loved waking up with you snuggled up next to me, sound asleep and so peaceful.
Now, you are an 11 hour sleeper and life has come back into focus for mommy and daddy, who were slowly turning into zombies there for awhile.
Sweet Izzie, you have stolen my heart, daddy's heart, and your sisters' hearts.
We love you to pieces!
Happy 1st birthday baby girl!




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