Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spring Break

We left Helena for Spring Break and headed to my parents for the week. It wasn't the warmest Spring break I remember (ok it was the coldest, windiest), but it was nice anyway. We celebrated Easter together, relaxed a lot, got away for a whole day without kids, took the girls to the river and to visit the calves at the dairy, and took them to the playground at my old elementary school, where they were unimpressed and bored as I went on and on about how it had been my playground, their Papa's playground, and their great Gran's playground. Someday like in thirty years maybe, they will realize how neat this is.

Oh, and we got a new (slightly used) van! Our car was no longer reliable or safe, as it had a habit of shutting off while driving, and only liked to start half the time, leaving the kids and I semi-stranded several times recently. So we went to the dealership looking for a good deal on an SUV because I think I'm too cool for a van and we left with a van (which I chose). So it's official after almost five years of parenting, I'm a real mom now and the mom van proves it! j/k. Just don't let me start wearing mom jeans and we'll be alright. If you're curious, and you should be because it's hilarious, check this out to see just how cool my new ride is. And happy Spring, I'm wearing sandals today and it's only April!!! (My hopes aren't up, I'm pretty sure it'll snow next week)
Have a great, sunny weekend!

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