Saturday, October 22, 2016


We have had a lovely, long fall here this year. You never know what you're going to get for a fall in MT...some years, the leaves are golden for less than a week before a deep freeze hits and everything dies and fall is over just like that. Other years, like this one, fall is slow and subtle and the temperature lingers at 60 during the day (though chilly at night), and we take walks or go for hikes just about every day, soaking in the smell of fallen leaves and the beauty that is everywhere. We get outside as much as we can, anticipating the long, long winter that we can feel coming by the chill in the air and the snow capped peaks in the distance. Here are some pictures, some of the scenery, some of the girls, and one of the new horse! (Ok, it's not actually ours, but our neighbor/landlord built the corral butted up next to our back yard and asked us to pet her and feed her whenever we wanted, so it kinda feels like we have a horse, only with zero responsibility!) Hope you are having a wonderful fall, wherever you are!

 Brad wants this to be our Christmas card picture...I haven't vetoed it but I do think we need one with Izzie smiling, since she is almost ALWAYS smiling!

 My big girl and I had a date and took lots of silly pics while we were out:)

 They made pumpkin pancakes one morning last weekend while I escaped for a cold morning run

 Some mornings instead of coming downstairs, the girls grab Izzie's bottle and jump in the crib with her:) Very sweet!

 Yes, it has already snowed, but don't worry, it melted the next day:)

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