Friday, November 18, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Lily Goose!

 My sweet Lily, you turn 4 today!
You are such a joy to your family, and everyone around you! You were born laid back, snuggly, and watchful; the easiest kind of baby there is. And today, four years later, I see those same characteristics in you. You are easy going (though I think what they say about red heads is true, because despite your laid back demeanor which you exude 90% of the time, you sure have a fiery streak in you that enables you to have rare but world class don't mess around when it comes to meltdowns!) You are still a cuddle bug who loves to bury yourself in my lap, be held and hugged and kissed, and you do this thing that melts my heart every time: when you come up to me and gently hold my face in your little hands and ever so softly kiss my cheek. You don't know this, but I have a thing about having my face touched. I've always hated it! But you're breaking me of that idiosyncrasy because really, who can resist a soft kiss on the cheek from their baby girl? You are still watchful. You like to take everything in before diving in. You don't join in the drama, but rather take a step back and watch with wide eyes. Someday I think you'll be a peacemaker, but for now it's ok to just step back and watch quietly. I like that about you.
But my favorite thing about you is your heart. You have been given a heart of gold that is rare, and I pray that you never loose it. You are the most generous, thoughtful, and compassionate little thing I've ever known, and I'm constantly amazed that these characteristics are so visible in such a young child. You are always making sure everyone is comfortable and happy. You share your most special blanket with anyone who seems sad. You share your hugs and smiles liberally wherever needed. You take the smaller piece to ensure your sister's get the bigger piece. You give away the last bite.
Last week, I took the three of you for a walk, and you were all collecting "treasures". One of your sisters was crying because she lost her only rock. Your other sister was complaining because she only had one rock and she really wanted two. Without hesitating, you gave one rock to each sister, leaving yourself with none. They were both so happy, and the crazy thing was, you were too! God made you a giver and you inspire your mommy every single day to be less selfish and give what I have to make other's happy. Never let life change that about you. It is always better to give then receive, but as you grow older and get out there in the world, the world will try to convince you otherwise. You just be you!

Current favorites:
Food: mac 'n cheese (your birthday breakfast of choice)
Color: purple, red, and 'pretty blue'
Activity: painting and coloring; dress-up
Clothes: you like to be 'fancy'. Dresses with tutus, sparkle headbands, shiny chapstick
Favorite season: Winter, so you can drink hot chocolate with candy canes and watch long movies
Other: You're still a book girl; the way to win you over is to read books: lots and lots of books.
You prefer indoors to outdoors; puzzles, dress-up, baby dolls, art, and reading are your thing. But you go outside and enjoy it because we make you and because Addison cries if you don't:)
You love the Nutcracker and we are surprising you with tickets to go see the REAL Nutcracker on Sunday with Addison, Olivia, Aunt Meredith and I! You have a sweet tooth, and I can convince you to eat any amount of any food if there is so much as a measly chocolate chip waiting at then end.

I love you so much!
Happy 4th Birthday sweetie!!!

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