Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Izzie!

Dear Izzie,
Today you turn two! How has it possibly been two years since you came into this family's life? You have brought more laughter to us than I ever thought possible. You've been given the gift of humor and your silly antics have kept you out of trouble too many times. You're a bit naughty, but you do even the naughtiest things with such a cheerful disposition, it makes it impossible for us to think clearly in the moment, thus we often find our selves unsuccessfully trying to stifle a laugh rather than deal with whatever you just did. You are certainly giving mommy and daddy a run for our money! I remember one day in particular (which I tell the story of because it rather nicely portrays a normal day with you) in which in the span of 10 minutes, you picked dumped a Costco size bag of chips on the ground and stepped in them. As I was cleaning that up, you pulled the garbage over and managed to stick your head in an empty chocolate ice cream container, licking whatever you could. As I cleaned up the garbage, you moved to the bathroom and threw some things in the potty (your favorite pastime for a while there...I'm thankful that phase has passed!!), and then dumped a large glass of water over your head. You've been known to do something wrong, look me in the eye and say "No no Izzie", slap your own hand with a devilish grin, and take off running full speed.
You tease your big sister's to tears sometimes (many, many times), but they love you--adore you!
They tell me all the time, "Izzie is SO funny mom!" Yup, you're the family comedian, and we are so thankful for you. Your cheerful disposition brightens my worst day. I've seen you cock your head at crabby looking folk at the grocery store, staring them down until they are forced to look at you, at which point you smile your giant, crooked, ear-to-ear smile, and they can't help but smile, maybe even chuckle a little. I pray often for my kids to use their gifts to help others in the world now and in the future. For you dear girl, I pray your joy will never fade, that even the sorrows you will inevitably face, as we all do, won't be able to snuff out your joy and thrill for life. I pray that you will never be stingy with it, but will spread it around to those lacking. That your smile will be contagious and freely given, in a world where less and less people smile at each other. That it would brighten the day of countless individuals throughout your lifetime.
Izzie, little spitfire that you are, you have such a gigantic personality and I'm so thrilled that I get to be your mommy and experience your joy each and every day. I love you to the moon!
Happy Birthday!!!
Love, Mom

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