Saturday, May 13, 2017


Last weekend, we went to Seattle for my sister's graduation from Northwest University. It's supposed to take nine hours from where we live, but somehow it took closer to 13, so needless to say, it was a LOT of car time, followed by a day and a half in Seattle before getting back in the car again. However we decided to split the trip up on the way home and stopped in Spokane for the evening, before heading back to Helena on day four. Anyway, we did make it down town twice and had a blast with Kate. We went to Gasworks Park across the lake from downtown on Saturday night (great views, though my phone took not-so-great pictures at dusk...), and spent Sunday morning leisurely strolling and eating our way through Pike Place. I told the girls they could each pick one thing, anything they wanted. Oh they were excited about that! Addison got lemon curd gelato, Izzie got a "unicorn tail"--some braided pastry with frosting and rainbow sprinkles, and Lily got a monster cookie the size of her head ( was the size of her head). Then they had sips of my coffee for a treat. Yes, they like coffee, straight up, no sugar. And then, we made it to the car before everyone crashed. They absolutely loved it though...the tall buildings, the people everywhere, all the sights and sounds, everything. They even told me the next day, "Mom, we should start house hunting in Seattle!" Ha! (not happening)
While we won't be moving there, we did enjoy it and hope to visit again, when we have more than a weekend to spend. Spring in Seattle is gorgeous, by the way...SO green and SO many flowering bushes and trees, it's absolutely beautiful and smells so amazing and fresh. And of course the food...oh, the food (I adore big cities if nothing else, than for the sake of all the delicious foods!)
Here are a few pictures. Thanks for having a graduation Kate, sorry it took us four years to drag our butts over there to see you! ;)

 We hung around the giant piggy bank for a few minutes, until the famous 'fish throwing' ensued at the fish market. It's pretty silly, but something that must be seen if you're at Pike's!

 Of all my attempts to get a good shot of these four, this was the best I could do! :)

 (This was at a state park in Idaho that we stopped at for lunch. We are actually standing in an old mission, and the oldest building in the state. Beautiful!)


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