Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Addison!

Well life is chaotic right now, but the world keeps spinning regardless of how I wish it would just stop and slow down for a moment, and as time keeps ticking, another kid has another birthday and I find myself celebrating my baby girl who just turned six: Addison Elaine, born July 5th, 2011 after a grueling 32 hour labor in Nashville, TN. Five short weeks later, I was on an airplane, just she and I, headed to what has become home to our now family of five: Helena, MT. I remember crying a few tears, wondering why I was leaving TN and the good life we had there. And now the tables are turning once more, same time of year, six years later. We will get into our van and drive away from family and friends and this beautiful place we love, and once again, I shed tears, wondering the same thing I wondered when we left TN: "Why are we leaving?" More on that later...
For now, let me just say Happy Birthday to my girl who is so in love with life. Addison, your smile makes me smile on the worst day. It takes over your whole face and lights up the room, and I just love it! You have a love for life and the energy to make the most of every single minute of every single day. No time for naps, not for you! You love learning, be it by books, exploring, asking a million questions, or just watching things with curiosity; I see you soak it all in. You are so smart and I'm so excited to start Kindergarten with you soon! You may bicker with your sisters and pick at them, but most of the time, you look out for them and love them dearly. I pray everyday that you three would remain friends your whole lives. I recently asked you what your favorite thing to do is, and you replied, "Spending time with you, mom!" I hope that never changes either. I love hanging out with you; not only do I love you, but I just genuinely like you. You're so much fun and mommy loves spending time with you too:)
I pray that the Lord blesses your sixth year and that you grow in your knowledge and love for Jesus. That you would never lose your childlike faith, and that you would share that faith with others who need it. Love you so much, Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom
Current Favorites:
Color: Blue
Food: Pizza and cottage cheese
Dessert: Lemon cake and apple pie with ice cream
Things to do: Ride bikes, swim, play soccer
Favorite Book: The Book With No Pictures
Movie: Peter Pan
Place: The fair
Animal: Giraffe
Bible Story: Naman
Season: Fall


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